Living History Exhibition

Art Meets History

Through her illustrations and portraits, Linda McFarlin takes us back to a historical time period from 1700-1870. With the help of re-enactors, historical diaries, and research, McFarlin has concentrated on a large body of works to give you true portraits and scenes of our American heritage.

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Educational Benefits

The Living History Exhibition will allow a student to have real-life experiences to draw on as the teacher instructs them throughout the year. Students will go back in time to 1700-1870 and learn how pioneers lived. They will be able to see and touch materials from that time period. Through demonstrations of re-enactors, dressed in their authentic regalia, students will be immersed in history. Read how the Exhibition satisfies Ohio Content Standards. (pdf)

Proposals for Living History Exhibition

A list of proposed booking interests for 2009/2010

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List of Artwork

A list of artwork contained in the Living History Exhibition

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Linda McFarlin's resume and qualifications

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